Rev. Allen Harden


I am truly thrilled to return to DeKalb to serve as your Minister for the coming year. During the two years of my internship, I came to know this as a very special congregation, and I am eager to work with you as we discover our way towards your future. I am confident that we can sustain the vibrant and dynamic liberal religious presence that is so needed in our community, and in this time. I am truly excited at the prospect of re-engaging with all of you that I have known, and getting to know the rest of you.

You may be aware that I live in Chicago, and that I also serve a half-time ministry at the UU Congregation of Rock Valley, in Rockton, IL. It seems that I am reinventing the old itinerant ministry model, except with a car and not a mule. The next couple of months will be challenging because I recently had a knee injury and will have surgery in about two weeks. It isn’t all that serious except that I will not be able to drive until sometime in late Fall. However, we will create solutions so that I can travel, be present for you, and do my work. I just might do it things a little more slowly than I would like.

So, let’s get this thing going!

In faith.


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