UUFD Resumption of Church Operations & Building Usage Policy

UUFD Resumption of Church Operations & Building Usage Policy


Updated and passed by the Board of Trustees – 3/2/2022

1. It is the goal of UUFD to demonstrate care for the safe operation of our building, facilities and our
congregation during a time of transmission risk for COVID-19. We strongly encourage all members and
visitors to get vaccinated before gathering in person. We require that all persons visiting or attending
services at UUFD continue to wear masks when entering the building to protect the vulnerable or our
children who cannot yet be vaccinated.

2. The Board of Trustees will use the following guidelines for resuming church operations in the building:

a. Following the guidelines of the Illinois Dept. of Health (IDPH):

      •   Less than 8% Positivity rate in our region (DeKalb County).
      •   Ensure no more than 50% of room capacity is exceeded. 
      •   Limit choir singing to pre-recorded video or outdoor venues (ex. gazebo).  
      •   Install hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance to common areas.  
      •   Post signage encouraging the use of sanitizers before & after events.

b. Considering the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

      • Utilize air exchange and/or air purification equipment in the facility common areas to reduce the
        effect of viral transmission aerosols.
      • Monitor the build-up of CO2 within the common areas with an active alarm detection device or
        similar equipment to ensure air exchange is maintained.
      • Provide masks for congregation and visitors who do not supply their own PPE.
      • Request individuals who choose to not abide mask wearing requirements leave the facility.
      • Close the facility for 72 hours should any visitor be known to have entered the building who
        tested positive for any Coronavirus variant. The building will be cleaned and sanitized before reopening.

Specific activities guidance – Spring 2022

c. Church services and Sanctuary:

      • Continue to maintain <50 persons or <50% capacity in sanctuary (room capacity is 170). This would include any future markets, music events or church sponsored gatherings.
      • Patron masking will continue to be required during services. Singing is still discouraged at this time.
      • Speakers or musicians may opt to unmask if they remain behind acrylic safety-screen panels 6-10 feet from the congregation.
      • Seating configuration should allow families to sit together & up to six feet between non-cohabitation visitors. (Following P4 IDPH guidelines for indoor recreation, indoor social events and offices)

d. Fellowship Hour:

      • Place two tables together. Place chairs on opposing perimeter sides approximately 5-6ft apart (see diagram). No more than 6 persons per table.
      • Masking required for conversation. Mask removal allowed during consumption of food.
      • Foods should be individually plated or served by server, discourage shared utensils for serving spoons/forks/spatulas.
      • Place two tables outdoors of sanctuary for patrons who prefer outdoor food & conversation (March through October weather permitting) when possible.
      • Masking outdoors is not required, social distancing optional.
        (Following P4 IDPH guidelines for dining)
        Seating diagram for individual Fellowship hall tables

e. Building use/parties/gatherings/rental:

      • Masking recommended for building use patrons.
      • Follow Fellowship hour recommendations for seating & serving foods.
      • Facility should be vacant for 12 hours after any non-church event and before the next event (no overlapping allowed).
      • Should any guest or rental group have a confirmed covid positive case (while in attendance at UUFD’s building) they should notify the office manager as soon as possible.

f. On-site meetings:

      • Masking required indoors, not required outdoors or for gazebo.
      • Group size for meetings in Library should be less than 10 people. Try to maintain 4-6ft distance.
      • Meeting duration should be 2 hour maximum (when possible).

3. We understand that attaining a “zero level” of risk of transmission is not feasible, but we do endeavor to take reasonable precautions to protect our congregation and visitors, keeping in mind the comfort level of each individual may not be met. We promote the inherent worth and dignity of all persons following the principles of our Unitarian Universalist faith.

4. UUFD reserves the right to update this guideline should regional metrics or conditions change. The Board
of Trustees is responsible for maintenance of this policy.

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