Cymbal sings to build bridges, deepen compassion, and advocate for those beat down in body or spirit. About their music, Cymbal reflects, “We sing of the anger that fuels hope, of violence, and the work for peace. We sing about things we hold sacred, a safe environment and the need to cherish this earth. And, we sing about our love for coffee, fair trade! When we sing stories of survival and hope, we reflect back the courage lived by those who have fought for a better world. We ask, ‘What shall our legacy be?’” About themselves Cymbal says, “We are daughters, mothers, spouses, grandmas, and step-moms. We are parents, teachers, counselors, and clergy. We are lesbian, bisexual, and straight. We are citizens deeply concerned about justice and a future for all our children.”



Combining years of experience singing, directing, and playing instruments in choruses, choirs, solo and ensemble performances, Lynn, Toni, Terri, Elisa and the two Lindas evoke emotion and energy through song. From spirituals to freedom songs, from music that fights hate to songs that inspire transformation, Cymbal's music points to the values of justice, hope, and spirit. Cymbal’s musical repertoire includes folk, South African, Native American, traditional Appalachian, spirituals, and original compositions. The group demonstrates vocal dexterity in its acappella pieces, and members play a variety of instruments, including guitar, piano, dulcimer, mandolin, harmonica, percussion instruments, and jug. Cymbal sings original works by Unitarian Universalist composers, highlighting their contributions to promote religious diversity and spiritual empowerment.

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