Adult Religious Education

An opportunity for personal spiritual growth;
 A call to ministry within our community;
 A mission to heal and redeem ourselves and our earth



 People hunger for four things in a church:  (1) to have their individuality honored and appreciated,  (2) to be in community, (3) to find meaning in life, and  (4) to have hope (from Effective Church Leadership by KenCallahan). Adult religious education is one way to address these needs.

 When you join a Unitarian Universalist church, you commit to "a free and responsible search for truth and meaning."  It is together, in community, that we covenant to "accept one another and encourage one another to spiritual growth in our congregations."  Within the liberal religious tradition of the free church and the living tradition, we affirm and nurture the quest for spiritual truth embracing both critical reason and sacred mystery.  Those who visit UUFD consistently indicate that what they seek in a church home is a community where they can

- grow in ways that cannot be done alone.

- heal and redeem their lives. 

- be connected spiritually with a people.

- contribute, that is, make a difference in the world.

 In response to this need, the Adult RE courses we offer vary in content, style, and spiritual experience.  Formats for learning at UUFD include:

Deepening Groups
Study Groups 
Yoga Classes


 We endeavor to deepen your personal development through learning and spiritual growth that strengthens our collective life as a liberal religious community so that we might heal and redeem ourselves and our earth.

 Please explore our Adult RE Links for further information.

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