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 Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and  Belief-O-Matic®  will tell you what religion (if any) you practice...or ought to consider practicing. Find out if Unitarian Universalism is for you!

Unitarian Universalist Association of America

 The website for the national association of Unitarian Universalist congregations.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee 

 Learn how UUSC advances human rights and social justice around the world, partnering with those who confront unjust power structures and mobilizing to challenge oppressive policies. 

MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association 

 The MidAmerica Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association includes nearly 200 UU congregations in parts or all of these states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Quest for Meaning 

 The website of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, a Unitarian Universalist congregation without walls and with members world-wide

Standing on the Side of Love

 Standing on the Side of Love is an interfaith public advocay campaign that seeks to harness love's power to stop oppression. It is sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Association and all are welcome to Join.
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