Building Use

dUnitarian Universalist Fellowship of DeKalb

Building Use Policies

 (Updated January 2016)


1. Intent of Cost-Sharing Agreement

Cost-sharing agreement is meant to defray costs associated with building use. Any activity that increases the cost associated with running the building may be charged additional fees.

2. Cost-Share Schedule 

All cost-sharing fees will be determined by the Board of Trustees or its designee. Building use scholarships will be available for those organizations or activities that are unable to share in the cost of the building usage. All such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. Fees: All Building Use Fees are Negotiable

Fellowship Hall

Members and Friends who pledge annually: Up to 4 hours $40; full day $80.

Non-Members: 4 hours $80; full day $160


Members and Friends who pledge annually: Up to 4 hours $ 30; full day $60. No cost for members to use the library when they rent the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall for religious services such as commitment ceremonies, weddings, funerals, and child dedications.

Non-Members: Up to 4 hours $60; full day $120



Members and Friends who pledge annually: Up to 4 hours $75; Full Day $150

Non-Members: Up to 4 hours $125; full day $250

Weddings, Holy Unions and Funerals:

Members and Friends who pledge annually – No Cost.

Non-Members: Up to 4 hours $125. Does not include professional services such as minister and musicians.


R.E. Rooms

There will be one small R.E. room available for cost sharing on a limited basis. The capacity for this room is 8 people.

Fees - Members and Friends who pledge annually: Up to 4 hours $10; full day $20. 

Non-Members: 4 hours $20; full day $40


      Non-Profit Meeting Rentals

               UUFD is happy to rent to non-profit organizations needing meeting space on a

               monthly or weekly basis, depending on timing and availability.

               The standard non-profit rental rate is $35 per meeting, for up to 4 hours. 

4. Cost-sharing Payments

Groups and individuals using any rooms of the UUFD building must pay with 2 checks at least one week prior to the scheduled event. One check covers the cost-share agreement; the second check covers the security deposit, equalto the rental fee. Both checks should be made out to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of DeKalb. Before deposits may be returned, the sponsoring member must have checked out the facilities and returned the paperwork and key to the church office.


5. Member or Sponsor

All individuals and organizations using the space on a cost share basis must be sponsored by a UUFD member or a Friend who pledges annually.


6. Furniture Arrangement 

No furniture or chairs may be removed from or added to the building without the prior approval of the Board of Trustees or its designee. A small number of tables and chairs will be available for use by members off site; however, they must complete paperwork and submit to office manager for approval.


7. Keys 

Keys for the building will be available during business hours and can be checked out by members of the congregation sponsoring an event in the building. Keys must be returned to the UUFD office within one week of the completion of the cost share event or a fine may be assessed.


8. Prioritizing Requests

Applications for building use are available from the UUFD church office. Applications will be considered on a first come-first serve basis. Priority may be given based on type of activity (i.e. church-related vs. social event) and membership status. Priority for building use will be given to church-related events and member activities however, this does does not pre-empt contractual obligation already in effect. When examining any request the Board of Trustees or its designee will consider how closely the proposed activity furthers the principles and values of our Fellowship.


9. Building Use Approval

  1. All building use, except normal church business, must be approved thru Office Manager.

  2. Any request or building use that involves a religious service by outside organizations must be approved by the Minister.

  3. Any dispute involving building usage and cost-sharing agreements may be referred to the Board of Trustees for resolution.


10. Building Maintenance and Security 

Those using the building will be expected to return it to its original condition prior to closing the building. Any costs incurred due to damage or clean up related to the use of the building will be the responsibility of the individual requesting to use the building. The cost of any clean up or repair to the building will be deducted from the security deposit or billed to the building user. These fees will be determine on a per incident basis. The identified UUFD sponsor will be responsible for ensuring the church is returned to its original condition. This policy includes, but is not limited to, furniture, trash, heating and cooling.


11. Smoking Policy 

There will be no smoking in this building or within 15 feet of an entrance into the building.


12. (Service Animals) Animal Policy

The only animals allowed in the building are service animals, unless pre-approved by the Board of Trustees or its designee.




Building Use Procedures

(Updated Spring, 2013)


  1. Complete application for building use thru the Office Manager.

  2. To obtain permission from the Board of Trustees or its designee to use the building, You must have a pledging member or friend who pledges annually sponsor you.

  3. Notify the UUFD church office (756-7089) of the date(s) and time(s) you will need the building.

  4. Obtain key from UUFD church office.

  5. At least one week before you use the building, turn in your two checks--one check pays in advance for the building use; the other check pays a deposit that may be fully refunded if no extra costs are incurred.

  6. Locust Street and Fourth Street entrances are the main entrances. When using only the Fellowship Hall or the basement, use only the Locust Street entrance. When using the Sanctuary use only the Fourth Street entrance. All other entrances are for emergency use only.

  7. Regardless of which rooms you use, please be sure that you return furniture to its original position and remove all trash--i.e. clean up after yourself. If our sexton must clean up for you, you will pay by the hour for him or her to do so.

  8. Alcohol use at any event must have pre-approval from the Board of Trustees.

  9. When finally exiting the building, please check the doors from the outside to be sure they are closed and locked.



  • Are all lights turned off? Check room-by-room, and include bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Is the stove turned off?
  • Are coffeepots emptied, cleaned, and unplugged?
  • Has all furniture been returned to its original position?
  • Are all dishes washed and put away?
  • Is the Fourth Street door locked?
  • Is the Locust Street door locked?
  • Is the alley door locked?
  • Have you removed all your trash from the building? Include bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Has your sponsoring church member checked you out? Before you may receive back your deposit, your sponsoring member must have checked you out and returned the paperwork and key.



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